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Resin molding lens mold‧Small light guide plate model cleaning device
‧ Burn marks or resin that cannot be removed? Poor formation of dirt that is invisible to the eyes?
‧ In order to clean the mold when there is no effect?
‧ The gaps in the metal structure and the dirt formed by resin cannot be removed by ordinary cleaning methods!
‧ CLIPIKA ACE OPT-H2015 uses the special cleaning effect of electrolysis+ultrasonic wave to clean easily and surely.
Other than nickel-plated lens molds or light guide plate molds used in optical parts molds, the hardness is low and it is easy to damage
Pure nickel molds, precious metals, optical parts molds, etc., require precise small precision molds as objects to be cleaned.

Features of OPT-H2015
● Economical: The amount of liquid used is small, which may reduce the initial introduction cost.
● Space saving: The installation area of ​​the cleaning device is reduced by 30% and the depth is reduced by 25% compared with the conventional equipment.
● Improve electrolysis efficiency: The use of las plate electrodes can improve electrolysis efficiency.
● The new method is equipped with an overflow function: the dirt that overflows from the square can be cleaned from the liquid surface well.
Efficiency, to prevent the re-attachment of dirt.

1. The cleaning effect of CLIPIKA ACE OPT can be simple for stubborn dirt such as burn marks and resin dirt.
Clear. Accidents of fingerprints or cleansing liquids and dirt that are harder to fall are also effective.
2. For the cleaning of precision molds, customers are also uneasy about whether ultrasonic cleaning will cause damage to the micro processing. CLIPIKA ACE OPT's ultrasonic irradiation or cycle number, cleaning fluid can be cleaned, so there is no need to worry about damage.

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