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The gold type washing machine is a maintenance equipment specially designed for the treatment of carbides produced by plastic precision molds. When high-temperature plastic raw materials are injected into the mold at high speed and high pressure, they are molded and cooled, and plasticizers and release agents with acidic oil are used in large quantities to help smooth production, which will directly affect the production of plastic sintering residues and exhaust fouling. The thing is that the molded product is poor and even leads to many molding problems, which seriously causes the appearance and size of the molded product to be poor, causing substantial damage to the mold. Carbon deposits on the metal surface of the mold, in addition to changing the size of the structure, may also cause oxidation and rust due to acid residues and moisture factors, which will slowly etch the surface of the mold, and finally become unmanageable.

In general, the molds in the forming production must be regularly repaired and maintained to keep the molds normal and smooth the molding production; the maintenance and treatment methods are shown in the following chart and detailed classification and comparison instructions.

Principle use:
The cleaning principle of the mold cleaning machine is to soak the carbide dirt accumulated during the molding production of the mold in the 102C cleaning solution, first make the carbon deposits wet and swell, and use electrolysis to separate the carbon deposits from the mold metal surface. Then use the ultrasonic oscillation mode to accelerate the peeling of the carbon deposits to make the mold clean. Basically, only the carbon deposits are treated. As for the metal objects, there is no effect at all, and the dimensional accuracy of the mold is not affected at all. Therefore, the oxidation and corrosion of the mold metal surface cannot be treated.

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