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Water Reamer

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Water Reamer

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In the production process of injection molding, cooling water needs to be provided to the mold for temperature adjustment, so that the plastic product can be quickly cooled, solidified and shaped. This molding process allows the plastic material to be effectively cooled at a uniform speed. However, the maintenance of most mold cooling has not been paid enough attention. The rust in the cooling pipe has to be dealt with as a last resort. This is a common situation in the industry. .
In order to obtain high-quality products, it is necessary to use the Water Reamer mold cooling pipe special rust remover with good rust removal effect to conduct regular maintenance on the mold.

The harm caused by rust
If the injection molding cannot be operated in a state where the mold is effectively cooled, it will cause too many defective molded products, which will seriously affect the interests of the enterprise.

Dedicated rust remover
Generally, the use of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid or sulfuric acid is not only dangerous in use, but also a large amount of volatile corrosive substances will remain after rust removal. It must be thoroughly washed, neutralized and dried, otherwise it will be easier than before. Trouble with rust.
The special rust remover WR-3 used by Water Reamer, after removing the rust on the inner wall of the cooling water pipe, does not need to be neutralized and washed. As long as the compressed air is dried, it will form an anti-corrosion on the inner wall of the cooling pipe. The rust protective film completes the cleaning work. While shortening the operating time, it also achieved the goal of reducing costs and saving operating space.