USHIO Mold Monitors

USHIO Mold Monitors

Product Description

Product Name:
USHIO Mold Monitors

Detail Specifications

Excellent monitoring speed, high-precision molds recognized monitoring device PLUS-E, joined the PE-1000A low-cost options, small, lightweight, unique PLUS-E PE-1000A, to achieve the same performance and previous monitoring speed, precision, simple operation and settings.

Reach to prevent damage to the mold, improve production efficiency, thereby contributing to reducing the total cost.
Main purpose:
  1. Molded product residue monitoring on the mold.
  2. Moldings overflow or lack of material adverse surveillance.
  3. Ejector break and return monitoring.
  4. Slider owned positioning and release monitoring.
  5. Reduce the number of unnecessary ejection.
  1. Optional monitoring area
    Enables setting of 10-plus polygonal areas (8-angles max.) for monitoring or masked-view.

  2. Trial-run
    Add “Show NG Position” after setting monitoring parameters to enable users to reconfirm and proceed.

  3. Cam adjustment
    Newly-developed software for easy adjustment for suitable pixel.

  4. Universal adaptability
    RoHS, CE and FCC Class-A approved; compatible with English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and may be expanded for others to be universally-polylingual.
PLUS-E Monitoring operation

PLUS-E standard image previously acquired normal shaping and monitoring each acquired image, all the pixels are compared to determine the brightness Good / bad. Taking into account the production line set up the environment caused by chaotic light admissibility determination error range can be monitored more stable.

1 Model PLUS-E   PE-1000A
2 Resolution 800 x 600 pixel
3 Min. image processing time 0.03sec
4 Monitor 8” SVGALCD monitor + touch panel
5 I/O interface output signal Electronic/connector-free output
6 Re-ejection Standard function
7 Dual-camera protection Standard function
8 Voltage AC 90V~240V (single phase)
9 Power 24W
10 Ambient temp 0〜45℃
11 Ambient humidity Relative humidity sub-85% (anti-fogging)
12 Dimensions 210W x 250H x 43D(mm)
(excluding protrusions)
13 Weight 1.0 kg

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