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1. Small and light, integrated body, gold type monitor PLUS-E to prevent mold damage
The more advanced PE-700, leading the industry to introduce color digital image processing technology for the first time, can detect more complex and diverse molding scenes.
Give full play to its perfect mold protection function.
With more than 30 years of rich technical experience and a large number of actual import cases, we can do the best protection for your mold.

<>PLUS-E uses 0.012 second high-speed digital arithmetic processing in full-color and high-pixel (2 million pixels) clear images, corresponding to High-speed molding in less than one second.

<>Using RGB color digital image analysis technology, it can accurately capture the plastic color that is easy to be confused with the mold color in the black and white monitoring.
Significantly reduce the influence of external light sources and avoid improper interruption of the production line to achieve more stable monitoring and protection.

<>This machine uses a 10.4-inch large touch screen, which can clearly present high-definition images in full color. Control interface
The update, especially the operability of the monitoring area has been greatly improved, and the fine monitoring area can be quickly checked and set.

2. Simple control interface
The setting of the monitoring area is an important factor to remove the parts that do not need to be monitored and prevent the misoperation from the influence of external light and shadow, so as to achieve rapid and accurate monitoring.
PE-700 adds shortcut settings for circular, square, and pentagonal areas on the basis of the previous polygonal vertex settings, and can use the stylus to directly perform operations such as zooming in and out, copying and moving, or adding and subtracting vertices.
With this setting, the time required to set the monitoring area of the complex mold can be greatly shortened.
The operation screen of PE-700 is equipped with shortcut keys with simple icons, so that the operator can easily and quickly select execution functions.